JupyterLab Unofficial Extensions & Tools

The jupyterlab-contrib organization contains a collection of community-contributed unofficial extensions and tools that add functionalities to JupyterLab. Each extension is stored in a independent GitHub repository.

Those repositories are maintained independently by a group of users and developers and not officially related to the JupyterLab development team.

The maturity of the provided extensions varies. A hint on the status is provided through badge in extension readme’s:

  • draft The extension is in construction mode and not ready yet

  • ready The extension is ready to be used

  • archived The extension is not maintain any longer

So please create an issue in the relevant extension github repository if you encounter any problems, want to suggest a feature or an improvement or would like to help.

If you want to transfer your extension within this organization, open an issue. If you want to help supporting the extensions in this organization, propose PRs and/or answer issues on the relevant repositories. If the extension has been archived, you can request access.