Migrate from classical Jupyter notebook

The following table will help you find the equivalent extensions when migrating from the classical notebook to JupyterLab.

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Classical notebook JupyterLab Version
(some) LaTeX environments for Jupyter
2to3 Converter
AddBefore Built-in feature (press A in command mode) 1+
Autopep8 jupyterlab_code_formatter extension 2, 3
AutoSaveTime Built-in feature (Settings → Autosave Documents; Advanced Settings → Document Manager) 1+
Cell Filter Built-in Table of Contents heading cells can be filtered by cell tags 2.2+
cite2c jupyterlab-citation-manager extension 3+
Code Font Size Built-in feature (View -> Presentation Mode or Settings -> JupyterLab Theme) 1+
Code prettify jupyterlab_code_formatter extension 1+
Codefolding Built-in feature (Advanced Settings -> Notebook -> codeCellConfig.codeFolding) 1+
Codefolding in Editor Built-in feature (Advanced Settings -> Text Editor -> editorConfig.codeFolding) 1+
Collapsible Headings Built in feature since 3.1 (PR), for older versions use aquirdturtle_collapsible_headings extension 1+
Comment/Uncomment Hotkey
Equation Auto Numbering
ExecuteTime jupyterlab-execute-time extension 2+
Execution Dependencies Work-in-progress: ipyspaghetti, akernel, nbsafety
Export Embedded HTML
Goto Error jupyter-stack-trace extension 3+
Help panel Built-in feature (Help entries open in panels) 1+
Hide Header Built-in feature (View -> Simple interface) 1+
Hide input Built-in feature (View -> Collapse Selected Code) 1+
Hide input all Built-in feature (View -> Collapse All Code) 1+
Highlight selected word Built-in feature (Edit -> Find...) 2+
Hinterland jupyterlab-lsp extension 2+
Initialization cells jupyterlab-autorun-cells extension 2
isort formatter jupyterlab_code_formatter extension 1+
Keyboard shortcut editor Built-in feature (Advanced Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts) 1+
jupyterlab-shortcutui extension 2+
Launch QTConsole
Limit Output jupyterlab-limit-output extension 3+
Move selected cells Built-in feature (Edit -> Move Cells Up/Down) 1+
Navigation-Hotkeys Built-in feature (Advanced Settings -> Keyboard Shortcuts) 1+
Notify jupyterlab-notifications
Python Markdown
Rise jupyterlab_rise extension 3+
Rubberband Built-in feature (Shift + Left click) 1+
Ruler Built-in feature (Advanced Settings -> Notebook -> codeCellConfig.rulers) 1+
Runtools Almost all built-in features 1+
Scratchpad Built-in feature (connecting code console to notebook) 1+
Select CodeMirror Keymap Built-in feature for File Editor, jupyterlab-vim for vim mode in Notebook
SKILL Syntax
Skip-Traceback jupyterlab-skip-traceback
Snippets Elyra Code Snippets extension 2+
Snippets Menu jupyterlab-code-snippets extension 2+
jupyterlab-snippets extension 2+
spellchecker jupyterlab-spellchecker extension 1+
Split Cells Notebook
Table of Contents (2) Built-in feature 3+
@jupyterlab/toc extension 1, 2
Toggle all line numbers Built-in feature (View -> Show Line Numbers) 1+
Tree Filter Built-in feature 3+
Variable Inspector lckr-jupyterlab-variableinspector extension 1+
zenmode Built-in feature 1+

If you don’t find what you are looking here or in the web, you can always start coding a new extension; for more information have a look at the documentation.